Power Team Gymnastics Training in North Dartmouth, MA

Power TeamGym is a competitive sport within the Gymnastics for All discipline of USA Gymnastics. Athletes compete in groups of 6-14, called Squads. Each Squad performs a Jump Routine and a Floor Routine. The combined score from both Jump and Floor are added together for each Squad. Rankings or achievement status (in respective levels, divisions, and age groups) are determined according to the total score earned by each Squad.

Join our power team and see what our unique program has in store for you!

See what it is like to be in synch with your teammates tumbling, cartwheeling, and moving together as one. It’s like playing with teammates in soccer or basketball, only you are tumbling together. Check it out. Make new friends/teammates. It’s unique and tons of fun!

Learn more about group tumbling and synchronized streaming

Our greatest goal with our Power Team Gym is to create a team atmosphere where our athletes can thrive as individuals and together as a team, developing skills and confidence, building positive relationships with their coaches & peers, and creating a lifelong love for fitness

Practice and Competitions are comprised of the following:
  • Jump (Tumbling, Vault & Mini): Athletes will train skills & passes on each of these apparatus appropriate to their level of competition. When passes are competed, they will be done in a “rapid fire” fashion.
  • Dance: Each level will have their own music & choreographed routine comprised of the necessary skills & requirements within their specific level of competition. When competing, judges will focus on synchronization, form and met requirements. 
power team gymnastic stretching north darthmouth

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